Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hellyer Park Field Trip (10/11/17)

Last Wednesday the M/W/F morning class went on a wonderful field trip to Hellyer Park, about a 15min driving distance from the school. This was a chance for our children to get a taste of what the 4day program at this school offers.
 In the quiet and peaceful morning atmosphere students participated in story-time circles, art projects, and other learning/play activities.
After having time for centers and snack we went on a hike around the lake, stopping often for Teacher Jackie's explanations of the nature, or to play games.
The birds were particularly amazing!  Geese, duck, swans, cranes, egrets, and a plethora of others. They were quite unafraid of people, so the kids could get very near and friendly with them. 
Finally, there was an amazing playground area there, and many families stayed until close to 2:00!  Usually the fee is $6 to park there, but I'll certainly be going back as several hours well spent.

by Dave Pretre (MWF)

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